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Loglevel is a competency management system that provides a quick and comprehensive overview of employee competencies and related documentation.

Loglevel has been developed with the specific aim of meeting some of the most rigorous demands regarding employee competencies and documentation that businesses face today, especially in sectors that are highly regulated such as healthcare and aviation.

The system has been designed in close collaboration with both highly skilled airline professionals and doctors in some of the busiest emergency rooms in Denmark.
In lines of business such as these, it is imperative that all competencies within the organization are always up-to-date and well-documented. Regardless of the number of employees and competencies, Loglevel’s compliance overview gives you an accessible, comprehensive and accurate picture of compliant/non-compliant competencies. Notifications, red flags and internal emails help keep track of the many competencies registered in the system.

By closely integrating the system with existing internal systems (AD, HR, etc.) as well as with relevant e-learning providers, processes related to training and registration of completed/passed courses are automated.

In order to enhance structure and consistency, Loglevel introduces the concept of the roletree. Grouping competencies into roles and assigning roles to employees, ensures that all employees have the necessary competencies and that these are current and documented. The roles are structured in a roletree that outlines the relation between roles and their place in the organizational hierarchy, and allows easy remapping of the relations and changes to the competencies attached to the role.

Loglevel is designed to allow easy and secure data-collection and -storage.
Data can be collected via app, QR-code, mail or manually. The app is uniquely designed to support the system allowing all employees to use it to take pictures of relevant documentation and transfer them directly to Loglevel. If the document needs to be approved before it is entered into the system, the person in charge of approving it will receive a notification that a new document or competency needs approval – and with one click, the competency is updated and the documentation is stored.
The app also displays each employee’s unique dashboard, providing him/her with relevant training information, an overview of competencies that needs renewal and more.

In short, Loglevel provides efficient competency management including easy data-collection, clever integrations, automated processes and clear, comprehensive, ‘at-a-glance’ overviews that improve quality and minimize human error.

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