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Loglevel is a competency management system that provides a quick and comprehensive overview of employee competencies and related documentation. Easy data-collection (via app, QR-code, mail or manually), clever integrations (internal and external), automated processes and a clear, comprehensive overview that improves quality and minimizes human errors.

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Businesses today, especially in sectors that are highly regulated such as healthcare and aviation, face rigorous demands when it comes to ensuring that their employees have the relevant competencies and that this is properly documented. A lapse in control and overview of these competencies can have business critical consequences and accordingly, companies spend substantial amounts of time and resources ensuring that competencies are up-to-date and properly documented.

Loglevel has been developed specifically to monitor all competencies (permanent and recurrent), provide an accurate and current overview of the status of employee competencies and support the process of ensuring that all competencies are up-to-date.

All necessary information in one place

– complete overview 'at‑a‑glance'

Loglevel provides a quick and comprehensive overview of each employee’s competencies and the related documentation. The dashboard view gives you access to relevant information in one place, at one glance.

Integrating systems

– one point of entry

Loglevel provides integrations with existing internal systems (AD, HR, etc.) as well as with relevant e-learning providers so that processes related to training and registration of completed/passed courses is automated.

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Grouping competencies into roles and assigning roles to employees, ensures that all employees have the necessary competencies and that these are current and documented. The roles are structured in a roletree that outlines the relation between roles and their place in the organizational hierarchy.

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Compliance overview

Regardless of the number of employees and competencies, Loglevel’s compliance overview gives you an accessible, comprehensive and accurate picture of compliant / non-compliant competencies.

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Data collection

Data can be collected via app, QR-code, mail or manually. The system is designed to allow easy and secure data-collection at all levels under most any conditions.

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